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        业务联系人:曹经理   18135538986





        Respected cuetomers,dear friends,


        I am grateful to you for your continuous attention and support to Jeli water and electric meters.


        Imaginary force and creation force of mankind push forward the continuous innovation and development of science and technology.In line with the Principle of "human being the root,the company inheres to scientific--technological innovation and since the electric power meter is put into operation in 1997,devotes itself to the research and development,manufacture popularization and service of series products and software of the field for 10 years,With providing products of advanced technique and reliable quality as  its own responsibility,the company makes continuous innovation,pursues prominence,crestes perfection,persists in pursuance and innovation to make Jieli brand water and electric meters fly their own colors in the same trade at home and innovation to makes the users save worry in management and fell relieved in ues.


        Innovative idea,stem design and spint to pursue perfection make Jieli brand water and electric meters win the confidence from numerous customers.In line with the aim of "leading technique,reliable quality,first-rate service,first-rate credit,the company will sincerely provide first-rate products for broad customers and make our own contribution for pushing foward the development of hydropower management undertaking.


        End again sincere thankful everyone lately old customer’s support to my company!

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